CCUPC Preschool
2662 Rochester Road, Cranberry Township, PA 16066, (724) 776-5310
2018-19 On-Line Registration Form
4 Year Old Program (Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays)
Tuition for the 2018-2019 School Year:  $1350.00
Required at Time of Registration: Completed Registration Form
$150 (one month installment towards tuition - May 2019)
$50 Registration Fee - nonrefundable
Copy of up-to-date immunization records
Copy of Birth Certificate
Required at Orientation in August, 2017 $150 (September 2018 tuition)
$65 (One Time Snack Fee)
Payment Options:   One Time Payment of $1,350
  Nine Monthly Installments of $150
Class Preference:   Morning Class (8:30 AM - 11:00 AM)
  (yes/no)  If the morning class is full, are you agreeable to the afternoon class?
  Afternoon Class (12:30 PM - 3:00 PM)


Child's Full Name
Name Child Prefers to Use
Name Child Will Learn To Write
Date of Birth
Has Your Child Ever Attended Preschool
If Yes, Where
Child's Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
Home Phone Number
Father's Cell Phone Number
Mother's Cell Phone Number
Parents Names
Father's Place of Employment
Father's Work Phone
Mother's Place of Employment
Mother's Work Phone
Sibling's Names/Ages
Daycare Provider's Name
Daycare Provider's Phone

We would appreciate knowing how you found out about CCUPC Preschool.  Please check the applicable box:

   Recommendation of friends or neighbors

   Yellow Pages

   Registration sign in front of CCUPC church

   Preschool list at Municipal Center


   Mom's club preschool fair

   Siblings in program


We occasionally use preschool photos for events such as Mom's Club Preschool Fairs, or in informational brochures, flyers, or on our website.  Please check and sign below if you give permission for your child's photograph to be used in this or a similar manner.

   Yes, I give my permission for my child's photograph to be used as a display at a promotional event, in preschool publications, on the website, or in a similar manner.

Email Address  


Refund Policy:  The registration fee of $50 is non-refundable.  The initial $150 installment of tuition is refundable if notice to withdraw is given before July 1, 2018.  After July 1, 2018, no tuition refunds will be given.

Please Read The FollowingWhen you click the 'Submit' button, you will be directed to a summary page detailing your application information.  Please print the summary page as this will be your application. Please note that this is not a confirmation of enrollment.  Your time stamped information will be sent electronically to the preschool office.  Once the preschool director determines that there is space available for your child, she will be in contact with you by phone to give you a verbal confirmation.  At that time you will be asked to return your signed printed summary page along with payment.  Please note, we only ask for payment once a confirmation is given, assuring space is available, which is why we do not accept online payments.  Thank you for your interest in the CCUPC Preschool program.